Curious About a Career in Mediation?

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Career in Mediation

If you have a passion for helping people resolve conflicts and are interested in pursuing a career in alternative dispute resolution, becoming a mediator in Tennessee can be an interesting and fulfilling path.  Mediators play a crucial role in facilitating conversations and fostering better outcomes by guiding parties through difficult discussions toward better outcomes.  Before pursuing a career in mediation, it’s important to understand the essential responsibilities and skills of a mediator. 

Mediators are neutral third parties who help disputing parties communicate effectively, explore options, and reach mutually acceptable solutions.  They are skilled professionals who maintain impartiality and assist in resolving conflicts without taking sides.   

To become a mediator, you must undergo specific training in dispute resolution.  In Tennessee, the Tennessee Supreme Court’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission (ADRC) oversees the state’s Rule 31 mediation programs.   They require aspiring mediators to complete either General Civil or Family training conducted by an ADRC approved trainer.  In addition, there are several institutions and organizations throughout Tennessee that offer accredited mediation courses.  You can explore local community colleges, universities, community mediation centers or private organizations that specialize in dispute resolution and mediation training.  Be sure to choose a program that fulfills the state’s requirements and provides thorough instruction on mediation techniques, ethics, and legal framework.   Also, gaining practical experience in the field can greatly enhance your mediation skills and increase your prospects for success.  Seek opportunities to observe professional mediators in action, participate in mock mediations, or volunteer at local mediation centers to help you refine your skills.  Upon successful completion of the Rule 31 training, you can submit an application to the ADRC to become a Rule 31 Listed Mediator. Consult the website for detailed information. –

Becoming a skilled mediator in Tennessee requires commitment, ongoing learning, and a genuine desire to assist others in reaching mutually beneficial solutions.  TAPM is here to support you to becoming the best mediator you can be.  Please let us know if you have questions. 

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