Mediation Puzzle
TAPM provides support to mediators and promotes mediation as a valuable practice to resolve conflicts, both within and beyond the legal systems. We emphasize facilitated problem-solving and communication in a confidential and supportive process, to empower individuals to develop mutually agreeable solutions.


The first formal mediation organization in Tennessee was established in Nashville in 1988, the Nashville Area Association of Family Mediators (NAAFM). It was founded by non-attorneys and consisted primarily of non-attorneys for a number of years. NAAFM established a court mediation project through Judge Marietta Shipley, educated the public and its own members about mediation, and offered trainings, both domestic and civil/commercial. The American Bar Association finally began to tout ADR in the early 1990s, and more attorneys began to get trained in mediation. Memphis and Knoxville both established mediation organizations. In 1992, with attorney and non-attorney support from all sections of Tennessee, our first state mediation organization Mediation Association of Tennessee (MAT) was established. Members of MAT were very instrumental in getting Rule 31 adopted by the Tennessee Supreme Court in 2001, which was a real victory in getting mediation legitimized throughout the state. In 2006 MAT was revitalized and renamed, becoming our current state organization Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators (TAPM). Currently TAPM has attorney and non-attorney mediators who focus on a wide range of mediation and dispute resolution practices. Our membership has expanded to include members who reside outside of Tennessee, helping to bring fresh perspectives and insights.

Why Join TAPM?

There are several reasons to join the Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators (TAPM). Here are a few potential benefits:

  1. Networking opportunities: TAPM brings together mediators from diverse backgrounds and experiences. By joining, you’ll have the chance to network with other professionals in the field, exchange ideas, and learn from their expertise. This can help you build connections and expand your professional network.
  2. Professional development: TAPM is proud of the workshops, seminars, and training programs we host by some of the most renowned dispute resolution practitioners in the country. These educational resources can help you improve your mediation techniques and develop more proficiency for your clients. For most of these, we provide CLE/CME credit. Miss a presentation? We offer recordings of our speakers in our “Members Only” section, for your personal viewing.
  3. Increased credibility: Being a member of a professional association like TAPM can enhance your professional reputation. Clients and colleagues may view you as a credible mediator who cares about interacting with peers and pursuing continuing education.
  4. Access to resources: As a TAPM member, you will have access to newsletters, articles, sample forms, and latest mediation information in Tennessee. We also post opportunities for mediators outside of Tennessee.
  5. Advocacy and support: TAPM works to engage in advocacy efforts to promote the field of mediation and represent the interests of its members. You will be listed in our “Find a Mediator” section, where potential clients can find you by name, city, and areas of practice. Additionally, TAPM strives to offer support in terms of mentorship, peer consultation, or general support when facing professional challenges.

TAPM Membership

To join the Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators, visit the Join TAPM page.